Heritage Open access
Heritage open access

TAGS: heritage, educational, entertainment, virtual reality, 3D print

Descrizione startup:

Heritage Open access รจ un progetto di valorizzazione dei beni culturali basato sulla condivisione di contenuti digitali interattivi da parte degli utenti.


Museums, Cultural Associations, Foundations, Virtual Archaeology.

Che problema risolve?

Our platform lends itself to many purposes and opportunities of use, among which: Safeguard and enhance the architectural heritage; Constitute the objective basis for future projects of restoration and recovery of artistic heritage; Facilitate the accessibility of monuments and architectural complexes to people with disabilities; Create 3D environments for virtual reality games.

Aspetti innovativi:

Through the use of digital close-range photogrammetry and RPAS / UAV systems, we are able to capture the state of art of the most important historical sites of our country, realizing reliefs and high-quality scans, creating three-dimensional faithful replicas of the artistic heritage.

Territorio coinvolto:


Il team:

Valerio Matassi (Founder), Anastasia Klimova (Co-founder),



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